What Is a Cataract?

The lens in your eye should be clear; if it isn’t, this can cause colors to seem washed out and the world around you to be blurry. This is a cataract. As the lens becomes more cloudy, it becomes more difficult to see.

Signs You Have Cataracts

If you have cataracts, you may not notice at first. Cataracts usually start very subtly and build on themselves with time. The signs become more pronounced as the cataract becomes more obvious.

  • Blurry vision. If you don’t have glasses already, you may need them once you have a cataract. If you already wear glasses, you may need a stronger prescription lens.
  • Colors become yellow or washed out. The colors of the world around you will become duller and most things will take on a yellow tinge if you have a cataract.
  • Distortions. You may see objects in the landscape double up on each other or become distorted in other ways when you have a cataract.

You may also become extra sensitive to glare from oncoming traffic and bright lights in the landscape.

Are Cataracts Treatable?

Cataracts can be fully treated with surgery, but many eye doctors recommend less invasive forms of treatment unless the cataract has become severe. Your eye doctor can prescribe glasses to help clear your vision when the cataract is in its earlier stages.

Your eye doctor will continue to monitor the status of your cataract to determine whether surgery is needed, so it’s important to return to the eye doctor as recommended to ensure that you’re still able to see well enough to do important tasks like driving.

Think You May Have Cataracts? Contact Your Eye Doctor

The first step to identifying your cataracts is to get an eye exam in Burleson, TX. If you think you have cataracts, call your eye doctor at Vision Plaza. We can help you identify cataracts or any eye conditions that may be affecting your vision.



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