Weighing the Pros and Cons of LASIK

Like any other surgery, there are risks associated with LASIK. But for people with poor eyesight, the risks are mitigated by the possible rewards of having improved vision. If your eye doctor in Burleson, TX, has determined that LASIK might be a possible solution for you, here are the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Pro – Well-vetted

Because LASIK has now been done millions of times the world over, the considered risks are very low. It’s been well-vetted as a safe and effective treatment option for poor vision.

Con – Risks Still Exist

There are a few times when the outcome of LASIK is less than expected. In those instances, a patient may still need to use glasses for certain tasks, such as reading.

Pro – Quick

Most LASIK treatments only take about 20 minutes or so. This is a transformative procedure that can literally be done during a lunch hour in an outpatient environment.

Con – Not For Everyone

Persons who are 40 years of age and older are not suitable candidates for LASIK. This is due to the natural aging process of the eyes. There are alternatives, though, which can be discussed with your eye doctor.

Pro – Results Nearly Immediate

LASIK can be extremely gratifying in that results come swiftly. Many patients report improved vision the very next day, while others report better eyesight within the week.

Con – Inherent Anxiety Due to Surgery

Having LASIK isn’t like getting a glaucoma test or undergoing an intensive eye exam. It can be scary to think that someone is going to be operating on your eyes. But your eye doctor will do everything possible to make you comfortable and relaxed.

Pro – 20/20 Vision is Possible With LASIK

Some LASIK patients find that their vision is restored to 20/20. It’s not always the case, but it is a definite possibility!

As mentioned, LASIK isn’t for everyone. But for millions of people around the world, LASIK has proven to be a game changer. Imagine being free of contact lenses or glasses. Imagine being able to see first thing in the morning without fumbling around for your eyewear. That’s the power of LASIK in Burleson, TX. For more information or to book your consultant, contact your eye doctor today.


Am I a Good Candidate For LASIK?

LASIK, which stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a popular procedure used to correct various vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure uses a laser to reshape the cornea, which is the clear, front part of the eye, so that light entering the eye can focus correctly on the retina. If you are considering LASIK, you may be wondering if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Health of Eyes

Your overall eye health is another big factor that your eye doctor in Burleson, TX considers when determining whether you would be a good candidate for LASIK. You would need to have healthy eyes, free from any eye diseases or conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts or corneal disease. Healthy eyes at the outset will help to ensure a positive outcome for LASIK.

Stability of Vision

Another factor that comes into play is the stability of your vision. Your vision must be stable for at least a year before you consider LASIK. This means that your prescription should not have changed significantly in the last year, and your eye health should be stable as well.


Unfortunately, age does play a role as to whether LASIK is right for you. Your eyes age just like the rest of the body. LASIK isn’t recommended for anyone under the age of 18 because their eyes are still developing. Also, LASIK isn’t usually recommended for people who are over the age of 40, simply because their eyes may have started to change due to the natural aging process.

Contact Lenses

Of course, just because you wear contact lenses doesn’t mean you can’t have LASIK. After all, LASIK is there to correct vision. However, if you wear contact lenses, you will need to stop wearing them for a period of time before your LASIK consultation and surgery. This is because contact lenses can change the shape of your cornea, which can affect the accuracy of your LASIK procedure.

General Health

Your general health and medical history will also influence whether or not LASIK is suitable for you. Certain conditions such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and some medications may make LASIK a riskier procedure. Your eye doctor can tell you more about this.

If you’d like to consider LASIK in Burleson, TX, get in touch with us. We can answer all of your questions and discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK.